Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wish list

On Sunday Colon was on a mission. He had a couple of gift cards and he had a couple of things he wanted to spend it on. He asked me to accompany him on a quick trip to Best Buy so he could check out some gadgets and make his decision. I am never one to ruin his fun (ha that rhymed!), so I agreed to join him.

We ended up going to 2 Best Buys and Fry's Electronics. All of the things he wanted were either sold out, out of stock, or were not really what we wanted. Thus our quick trip turned into a 4 hour excursion.

It was great though. Spending time with Colon was amazing. The conversations. The banter. It reminded me of the amount of love I have for that man.

It also allowed me to add a couple things to my wish list. Colon, I hope you are paying attention!

Wish List

-Ever since my last baking day, I have been wishing for a stand mixer!

*New rice cooker
 -Mine is old and blah. I don't NEED one. I just want one that will go better with my other kitchen appliances. 

*Crock pot 
- Any suggestion?

*Chrome book 
-Who needs Windows? These laptops are affordable and will work for everything I do on my computer. Google is awesome!


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