Thursday, February 27, 2014

To the left To the left

Do you ever have trouble with the beginning of a blog post?  It sucks when I know what I want to talk about but have no idea how to start the post off.

I really do not have a focus today. My mind this week has been everywhere and I have been ready for the weekend since I woke up on Monday morning.

I have read and reread the words written above and I realize that they just don't flow.

I give up.

Bullet points, it is!

+ I got my nails done last week and I am loving them. I am not one to get them done often but decided to splurge and pamper myself. I am loving the gel manicures!

+ Although I love getting my nails done, I HATE getting pedicures. I hate feet and I hate the feeling of people touching my feet. EVERYONE thinks I am weird when I tell them that. It's weird but I do not care!

How about Gator Basketball! My Gators are killing it this season! Thank god because our football season was atrocious!

+ I love the Arizona weather but HATE how dry it is here. My hair cannot handle it! I have never been someone to go crazy with my hair. In Florida, I washed my hair everyday and it was healthy. Once I moved to Arizona, my hair became so dry. I have shifted from washing my hair every day to washing it 2  or 3 times a week. I am seeing an improvement but hate the feeling of oily hair. Ideas, anyone?

+ I stumbled across this article about Andy's mom (from Toy Story) the other day. MIND. BLOWN. 

+ Apparently I am left-brained. Rules. Language. Strategy. rationality. Logic. Detail. Yup. That's me!

+ Tuesday was a LONG day. Posts about self esteem and interweb bullying really got to me. (emotional much?). This post on His Little Lady really made Tuesday a little bit better!

...and now I need to peace out!



  1. I feel ya on the lacking focus. I can't seem to focus on anything lately!

  2. Try putting some coconut oil in your hair once a week! Look up coconut oil hair treatment.

  3. I NEVER know how to start a blog post. Half of the posts I sit down to write never come to fruition, simply because I don't know where to start.


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