Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The start of freedom...

...for a week

The last two days have been the longest. It is crazy how slow the day creeps by when you know that a few days of PTO are coming up.

And today is the first day of my PTO. I had planned to fly to Houston to visit my dad and my siblings but I planned these days off too late and the price for plane tickets was high. OK they were not really bad but I had trouble justifying the price of tickets when I had car issues and other things to pay for. You know? Maybe it's the "extreme budgeter/ money conscious freak" in me.

So, I am going to plan a couple relaxing days. Days where I can get this house in order. Hike some of the mountains near Phoenix. Do a couple of arts and crafts projects (like this). Make Valentines cards for my coworkers. Bake some treats. Catch up on The Vampire Diaries and Downton Abbey.  You know... all that fun stuff.

I will start today off by finishing this post. I saw that the new "Finish This" questions were posted. So, I guess I will... Finish them????...???

I celebrate Valentine's Day by giving extra kisses to my love. Although this years Valentines Day may be a little bit different. Maybe I will just do extra love texts?

My heart goes pitter-patter for 
*Taro flavored frozen yogurt with cherries and a whole lot of nuts for toppings. Yummy!
*Love stories
*Henry Cavill
*My love


*anything sweet! Thanks to my sweet tooth! 

When looking for romance, my best advice is... don't look for romance. It will come along when you least expect it. (Basically... you could switch "romance" out for "love" in this sentence!)

My favorite love-story (real or fiction) is Pride and Prejudice. The love between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy will always be in my heart! I can read and reread that book over and over and over again! Everyone needs a Mr. Darcy in their lives. 

The best relationship/love/dating advice I ever received was: Love yourself. Once you love yourself, you can love your significant other and others will be able to love you too!

Colon leaves for Colorado on Friday. That means I am spending the weekend and most of Monday on my own. House to myself.

Pride and prejudice by Lourdes Echagarruga on Grooveshark
**listen to this playlist! I know I've posted it before... but I love this soundtrack!**

 Maybe Colon will leave me with a parting aubade on Friday morning. It IS Valentines day. It's the least he can do for leaving me on the day of love!


  1. Go WITH Colon to Colorado and hang out with ME!

  2. I can't believe I forgot Pride & Prejudice, I LOVE MR DARCY!!!!!!! Thanks for linking up with us, hope to see you back next week. =)


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