Thursday, February 6, 2014

So... I'm going to attempt to Finish This

I try to check Bloglovin and read blogs daily. Sometimes this just does not happen. When I do have time, I have a method that I follow. I open Bloglovin. Click on each of the posts that are present and open them all until my computer cannot handle them anymore. I then start to read the posts. there are some that I skim, some that I save for later, some that I close immediately because they didn't catch my eye (sounds mean...doesn't it?...I promise, this does not happen all of the time).

A bad habit I have is the lack of commenting on blogs. I sometimes read a post, think "I want to comment... but I don't have time... I'll keep reading posts and come back to comment". Those posts stay open and I come back to them. Sometimes they stay on my browser for a week. Such a bad habit! A bad habit that could pertain to texts and emails. 

Does anyone else do this? 
Does it make you feel bad when you do it? 
I definitely feel bad when I do it. I hope no one gets offended by my lack of commenting or text/ email responding. 

I came across a fun post by Jen at The Arizona Rossums. It was part of a link up called "Finish This" and I loved reading through her responses. I kept thinking... "I need to do this" and kept her post open. It has been open since last week. I never got around to joining the link up and they have moved on to another set of questions. I am going to take the time today to answer the questions. They are just fun!  

Sooo... In response to last weeks "Finish this"...

I use my "green thumb" to keep my orchids alive. Orchids are my favorite flowers and when I lived in Florida I had a few. They were always flowering when I bought them a year or two ago. Once they lost their flowers, I have been struggling to keep them alive. The leaves are green and healthy but they have not flowered again since they lost their flowers. BOOO! help is much appreciated! also, I guess I do not have much of a green thumb.

The secret to life is being happy with and comfortable with yourself. Love yourself, no matter what, and you will have the confidence to love others and to do what you want in life. 

I get my money's worth by budgeting hard core. I have my paychecks budgeted to the cent and I categorize everything. Even savings. One of my New Years resolutions for 2014 is to increase my savings and pay off my credit cards and student loans. So, I sure as hell have those three things as categories on my spreadsheet!

On a scale of 1 to 10, my level of organization is an 8. I am very organized but have moments where shit hits the fan and laziness takes over. I hate when that happens. 

Handwritten notes are something I treasure and sadly becoming under appreciated. I wish people wrote more handwritten notes. 

and this weeks...

I will never outgrow my love for old school cartoons/Nickelodeon shows and black and white movies. My favorite!

I splurge on makeup. I cannot leave a store without picking up a small eyeshadow palette, makeup palette or a new shade of lipstick. It's bad! I need self control. 

My passport represents my tendency to procrastinate. It took my FOREVER to finally go in and renew my passport. It caused a couple arguments with my boyfriend. Such an easy task and it took me forever to get off my butt and go in to renew it. I finally got it when we moved to AZ. 

My most ridiculous fear is of a family member dying. Ridiculous? I don't know. I sometimes lay awake with a pain in my heart thinking about what I would do if someone in my family died. It scares me. I love them so much!

My favorite thing to give is a smile. Whenever I am having a bad day, a simple smile given by a friend or even a stranger will turn my mood around. I hope that my smiles do the same for others.

Fun... right?

Go and link up!



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  1. I splurge on makeup too, especially if there is a free gift with purchase!


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