Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reminiscing (all because of pictures)...

Last night, as I was waiting for Colon to get back from Flagstaff I decided to pull the pictures off of my phone and back them up on my computer and portable hard drive. I am so afraid of losing all of my pictures and feel ten times better once I have them on my computer AND my hard drive.

As I was pulling off my pictures, I came across the pictures from when my mom was in town . I did not take many pictures during her visit, but I managed to at least get pictures of my mom and aunt during the hike we took on South Mountain.

I cannot stop laughing at the sight we must have made that day. My mom and aunt don't hike too much (I could probably correctly say that this was their first hike) and I could tell their inexperience by the questions they asked while getting ready.

If you look at the pictures, you will see that my aunt refused to wear shoes. She insisted that her flip flops will protect her feet. Halfway up the mountain, I had to hold her hand because her feet, knees, and legs were hurting.

They also insisted to bring a Wal Mart bag full of snacks which included chicharones (pork rinds), Frito Lays, and a bag of grapes. Talk about well rounded. It was kind of embarrassing when we got to the end of our trail and watched people run by us while we were sitting on the side of the trail eating chips and pork rinds. They were yummy though!

What else did my mom insist on bringing? Her iPad! Yup, she would whip out her iPad to take pictures of everything!

Their visit was awesome.

Pictures from their visit wasn't all I came across though... I also came across photos from a few weekends ago. Colon and I went to a semi formal get together for one of the societies that he joined and I got all dressed up for it. Of course, we didn't take any serious pictures. We only got a couple of selfies and we all know that Colon has a hard time looking at the camera/ looking happy/ smiling for pictures.

Such a shame that we can't take any good pictures.

Oh well... that's enough reminiscing. At the moment, Colon is participating in the Spartan race. He was supposed to be training for this for months. In all honesty, he hasn't been. Then he decided to go to Flagstaff to snowboard yesterday. We will see how successful he is today! GO COLON! I know he could do it... even if he IS a little bit sore from yesterday.

I have been quite lazy this weekend and am dreading work tomorrow. Why does this always happen?

At least I have most of this upcoming week off!



  1. I just learned about the Spartan series and I have this sick, stupid desire to do one! I am anxious to hear how it goes!

  2. I just learned about the Spartan series and I have this sick, stupid desire to do one. I am anxious to hear how it goes for him!


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