Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Part of that world

Watched The Croods the other night. Loved it.
Thank you Netflix!

Days off mean lazy time...

and maybe some cleaning...

and cooking...

and interweb surfing...

and reading...

yeah... lots of interweb surfing and reading!

What did I find? 

An awesome response to a very shallow human being! 
I wish I was as strong as her...
Another Doctor Who doll added to CraftyIsCool's collection...
I guess my Alma Mater has some pretty hard core fans!
I hated the Red Wedding and decided to stop watching GoT.
I look like this every time I go skiing. So embarrassing! 
Look what I got Colon!
Look what he sent me... He knows I love this movie! 

Let's be real... most of today's links were sent to me by Colon. What does he do all day at work???
My favorite one from the last two days?
This one of course!

Have a nice day/evening/ night ya'll!



  1. Gotta love Netflix on those lazy days. And The Croods was so adorable!
    xo TJ

  2. I absolutely love that news anchor response. Imagine the guts that must have taken!


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