Saturday, February 22, 2014

No focus at all

Playing with the Line Camera app
Angry Beavers. Old school Nickelodeon FTW!

It's Saturday and I am so excited that it is the weekend. I am definitely making the most of my days off this weekend.

We just don't have any specific plans yet. I bet you aren't surprised since we never really do.

What are you doing this weekend?

To tide you over until I get over this weekend writers block, I leave you with....

+ Facts that will creep you out about Coca Cola.

+ How would Disney Princesses look as Game of Thrones characters? Check it out. My favorite is Elsa and Belle!

+ Shoe porn. How awesome. (another thing Colon sent me some time this week)

+ The happiest turtle ever. (Colon knows me so well!)

+ Who knew superheroes had part time jobs... (I think I saw this on someone else's blog).

+ If you like Star Wars, then these posters will impress you!


 Colon showed me Nick Reboot and I cannot stop watching it. I LOVE old school Nickelodeon shows and always try to watch them whenever I can catch them on late night Nickelodeon.

 One of my favorites is Clarissa explains it all. BUT we cannot forget Doug, or Chalkzone.

Go watch! You will love it! You have all weekend :)

XO Lourdes

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