Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Maybe I will join him next time?

Colon did it.
The Spartan Race 2014. (Ft. McDowell, AZ)

Look at him lift that bag!

He went snow boarding the day before and was extremely sore when we woke on Sunday morning. That didn't stop him. 
I was just a spectator and kept my eyes out to see Colon in action. I am so proud of him. Guess who actually teared up a little when he crossed the finish line (yes...I AM on my period!)
The only thing I regret was not bringing sunglasses, a hat, and some sun screen to this event. Stupid of me! Thirty minutes into the event, I started feeling a little bit sick. But, I decided to suck it up and be proud of my man.
 Four hours later, the race was over and we were heading back to the car. My head was aching and my stomach was ready to heave all its contents. 
I got home, showered and passed out.
I think it was a mild form of sun poisoning. I am still recovering. 
But it was worth it. So proud of Colon!
He's my strong man!
My macho man. 
My love. 



  1. No way! I would have to get in a lot of shape in order to do this! Go Colon!
    xo TJ


  2. So crazy, and stupid, but AWESOME! I can't help but laugh that people do this for fun. AND I WANT TO DO IT, TOO!

  3. How awesome! I have always wanted Wren to do this! And hilarious the things that make us cry when it's that dumb time of the month!


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