Monday, February 17, 2014


Like the electronic readers by Amazon.

I remember when I got my first Kindle. I was so excited. Yet when the Kindles first came out I was so against it. I love the smell and feel of books I love turning the page and using bookmarks to hold my page. Having an E-reader would take away from these aspects that I love about reading.

But then my friend Chris got one. Whenever we would have reading nights (nights where we would hang out at each others apartment and spend the night reading), he would use his Kindle. He showed me the benefits of having the Kindle and showed me all of the FREE books you could find for the Kindle. How awesome is that?

To top it off, I started seeing classmates using their kindle/ nook/ tablets instead of buying textbooks. That meant no more lugging a couple of heavy textbooks to class.

I was sold.

Thus commenced the subtle hints to Colon and the eventual gifting of the third Kindle generation.

Of course, as with most electronics, newer Kindle models came out.
Chris ended up upgrading to the first Kindle Fire models and I was still content with my lovely Kindle. But he kept telling me about the awesomeness of his Kindle and Colon kept asking me if I wanted one. I was indifferent. I wouldn't complain if I got one but I did not NEED one.

What did Colon go and do? He surprised me with my very own Kindle Fire HD.

And it was awesome. 

But now that I had a new Kindle, which one should I use?

Both of them of course.

I have always been hesitant to use my new things or wear my new clothes because I did not want to get them dirty/ wear them out/ destroy them. It was no different with my Kindles. Basically, I ONLY use my Kindle Fire at home. It's weird because I refuse to take it out of the house. I am pretty sure that the minute I take the thing out of the house, I will drop it or damage it in some way.

It's irrational but I cannot help it.

Does you have any weird quirks like this?


This is that weird thing I was talking about in Saturday's post!


  1. I'm on the fence about Kindles! I have an iPad and read on it about half of the time, but I still prefer to read a real book - like you said, I love the feel and smell of books!

  2. I totally do this with running shoes. I can't stand it when they get dirty, so I always wear an older pair if there's even a chance of dirtiness!

  3. I'm terrified to leave the house iwth my nice things sometimes, too! I'm just convinced that they're going to break! :)

  4. I irrational choose that some clothes are "fancy" and some are not (like how can a pair of cords be fancy? they're pants for crying out loud) and then I never want to wear them or get them dirty. It's silly.


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