Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fifty shades

Sundays always fly by. It's crazy that the weekend is almost over when it feels like it just began!

Saturday started off just like any other Saturday. Waking up early. Saying bye to a sleeping Colon (the hardest part). Volunteering for most of the day. Coming home to a boyfriend that has played video games ALL DAY.

Once I got home, I realized that one of our mutual friends had called me several times, Facebook messaged  me a couple of times and even direct messaged me via Instagram. I was worried and decided to call her right back. No answer. Yet she messaged me right away and said she could not answer because she was crying. Oh how worried I was. She proceeded to ask if I was in town and wanted to have dinner with her.

So once we set up a time, we had dinner at BJ's Brewery. (I have been craving the Clam Chowder in a bread bowl and a Brewhouse Blonde for the longest time) It was great seeing her since I have not hung out with Colon's group for a while (mostly because of this). She was having relationship issues and she needed consoling. I don't know if I was any help but I was completely flattered that she reached out to me. I felt important.

We then went back to my house and watched a movie. Colon went out to buy his dinner and some wine for us girls while we were starting our girls-night-in event. While he was out, he sent me the following texts...

Yup. The first one was asking if we wanted wine from the box. REALLY????? Then the sweet boy redeemed himself by asking if we wanted anything else. 

He ended up coming home with 2 bottles of wine and a carton of ice cream. One of the bottles was from the Fifty Shades of Grey wine line. 

Who knew that there was Fifty Shades of Grey wine. Crazy, huh?

The girls night was fun and the rest of the weekend was so relaxing. Colon and I woke late today and it was great to finally wake up AFTER Colon instead of before him. Once we were up and getting on with the day, I got a call from my sister. I LOVE getting calls from my sisters and it was fun catching up with her. My family has always been bad at keeping in touch with each other. So on the rare occasions that we do get in touch, we take advantage of it. We were on the phone for an hour and a half. We talked about our significant others, the daily happenings in our lives, the appropriate gifts for significant others, and books. Although we talked for more than an hour, I was extremely sad when we had to hang up. 

The good thing is that I even got to talk to my dad tonight. We talked about my brother, relationships, and life in general. It feels good to finally have adult conversations with my dad. When did our relationship change?

SO, this weekend was full of talk of relationships, family, and life. Colon and I spent so much time together. AND my New Year's resolution to keep in touch with my family seems to be going well!

I hope your weekend was just as amazing as mine!



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