Friday, February 7, 2014

A year in AZ

It just hit me...
We have lived in Arizona for a year already. January 17, 2014 was our one year mark. I wish I would have gotten a cake for the anniversary, but I forgot. A few more weeks and it'll be 13 months of our being an Arizonan.

I have been rereading my posts from when we left Florida in early January of last year and the "blog updates" that I wrote during the trek across the country. (leaving Gainesville, in limbo between Florida and Texas, Texas, FINALLY Arizona). The memories of the trip have made me smile. The memories of the past year have made me proud of the move.

We have experienced the Arizona summer with the extremely high temperatures. The dust storms and the difficulty of driving through it. The variety of environments that I have encountered in this beautiful state has surprised me and left me in awe.

Overall, I would call this move from Florida to Arizona a success.

I cannot believe that on this day last year I stressed about jobs. I was working a job just to get by while looking for a job that I would actually enjoy. I eventually found something I like (and am still working at) but it was an eye opener for me. I had the hardest time with change and was hesitant to get a joint account with Colon and even change my drivers license. So much was going on in a span of the week.

Things eventually calmed down. I settled in and so did Colon.

Here's to a little more than a year in Arizona!




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