Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thank you Girl Scouts

Today... was a great day.

I woke up an hour early and was ready for the day. There was no struggle to open my eyes. There was no hesitation. SURPRISING!

Work wasn't as stressful today. Thank you Jesus!

Girl scouts came into the office today and I could not resist the cookies, especially the Thin Mints! Oh MY GOSH... drool. I have a feeling they will be coming in more often to sell their cookies to visit me.

I was able to get off early to bring my car in for maintenance. Another reason I have been stressing lately. My car has been having trouble shifting gears and the "check engine" light came on. So, I made my way to the shop today. My car got pampered and things seem to be OK with my car. I still have to look into the gear shifting, but still... They didn't see anything wrong at the shop today. Car problems suck! They just always cost soooo much money!

the good news brightened my day and I am so happy!

Colon and I are now relaxing and checking out the happenings on the internet.

I reposted this controversial article on my Facebook and was surprised by the response. I don't agree with the author but am surprised by all of the hate that she is receiving in response to the post. Let the woman have her opinion! No need to post such mean comments on her blog. No need for name calling. That is what bothers me the most... the name calling. I know she was quite rude and judgmental in her post, but retaliation by way of name-calling is no better than what she did in the post! Don't stoop to her level.

Colon has been sending me some of the awesomest (I know it isn't a word... Grammar Nazis please do not get on my case!)links on Gchat!


Colon obviously knows that I want another turtle...


He also knows about my obsession with The Office, Disney princesses and Sailor Moon. Thus the cross between the Sailor Moon and Disney!

Relieved and not too stressed at the moment!
That's OK with me :)

Hope your Tuesday was just as good as mine! Hopefully you don't have speaking problems like I do!

XO Lourdes

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