Friday, January 31, 2014

Rubber Ducky You're the ONE

Today has been such a great day so far:

1. It's Friday!

2. Today is my day off!

Oh yeah. Double whammy (is that only a negative phrase?)

Last night, my lovely friend and her family invited me to visit the LDS Temple in Gilbert. It was gorgeous and such a great experience. This is going to sound extremely weird... but ever since I moved to Arizona, I have been completely curious about the LDS church. I truly appreciated that the church invited everyone to tour the temple before it was dedicated AND I appreciate my friend for being patient with me while I asked thousands of questions! If you are in Gilbert and have not visited the temple, be sure to visit before they dedicate it!

I woke up early but felt completely rested this morning. I woke up to the sound of colon's alarm going off and proceeded to bother him. hes sleeping peacefully next to me and I thought it necessary to lightly shove him a couple of times while whispering, " up!". He always says that I wake him up every morning and bother him, so I could not stop that tradition!

Anyways, we both woke up in such a great mood so he decided to work from home! Oh yeah. I think he was just going to miss me so much. So yeah... he is currently holed up in his room (aka his office/ game room/ computer room) while I am lazing around. 

I have been catching up on blog reading, commenting on friends blogs, catching up on Youtube videos, playing video games and searching for a phone case. It has been months since I got my phone and I still do not have a case for it!

During my internet escapades today, I came upon a clip to a Superbowl commercial starring.... TIM TEBOW! Love him! Ever since he donned the University of Florida campus with his yummy presence! BTW We both donned the campus with our presence in 2006! GO GATORS! 

I also stumbled upon a PSA video (in this article) that apparently plays in Australia (I guess...) and warns students to stay in school. Hmm.... creepy! 

I am absolutely in love with accents and Lauren Conrad posted an awesome video. 

For those of you from the areas with the above accents, did she do them correctly? To me it sounds legit but my ear is untutored and I would not even know the difference!

I have been following Crafty is Cool for a while and have seen when she created Doctor Who dolls. She just recently created The War Doctor and it is awesome!


How could I forget to include a few Pentatonix videos. Loving the one with cookie monster!

So pretty!

To end this very long post... I want to mention Charisma's post concerning change. I really am glad I stumbled upon this post this morning. Such great advice. I am horrible with change and have a hard time dealing with it. Because of this, I have been stressed out at work. so much change!. Now I just have to take Charisma's advice.



  1. I am always incredibly curious about religion, especially the reasons why people believe what they do. I think you're very lucky to get to visit a temple before it has been dedicated!

  2. C is for cookie is definitely my favourite :)

  3. LOVE Pentatonix! That "Run to You" is awesome.

  4. Oh yay! I'm so glad you got a chance to visit the Gilbert temple before it was dedicated! What did you think? :)
    xo TJ


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