Sunday, January 5, 2014

new goals...

Every year as the new year rolls in, the new years posts start piling up. I didn't create too many resolutions this year. I just had a few goals that I wanted to accomplish this year.

As I have been catching up on my blog reading, I have come across some great posts that have inspired me for the new year.

Entirely Nilda posted about a word for 2014. I am thinking of creating one this year. I just need to think about it.

Charisma at Charismatic Concepts has a great list on how to make 2014 your best year yet. While all of her suggestions are great, the last one is my favorite. I want to focus on doing things for others this year!

Charisma also divided her 'goals" into three categories. Again, I am going to work on paying it forward this year.

Kristen at This Radiant Life has plans for 2014. She is going to do some amazing things. i am completely jealous of her meeting up with Alyx!

So many people with great goal lists. My list seems so... short and inconsequential. I think I am going to come up with more meaningful goals for this year.

Good idea, right?


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