Monday, January 27, 2014


I'm baaaack!

Yup. I am! it has been so long and honestly... nothing much has happened lately. 

Colon and I have been lazy butts and have been spending most of our time relaxing and not worrying about anything. Just spending time together. 

My mind still has flashes of the thoughts I mentioned in my last post. I cannot help it. I know better but I just can't control it. There are a lot of changes happening at work and the stress and discomfort just keeps increasing. 

But change is good. I have to remember that. Everything will become "normal" again. I just have to keep telling myself that. 

In the meantime, I will keep living my life. Keep pushing forward. 

Things that have been keeping me company this week...

Bob's burgers. Love this show. Makes me laugh so hard. 
Borgia. So corrupt. An Italian version of the Tudors. Another favorite show of mine. 
An unexpected gift from a best friend...
Attending a semi formal event with my boytoy. 
I got all prettied up.
I curled my hair.


Doesn't he look handsome?
Love the vest!

Someone never lets me take pictures of them...
I played with the camera and made funny faces...


Don't I look funny?
Reading has taken up much of my time. 
I have a few more books to add to my list!
It'll be updated soon.

Colon and I visited YC's yesterday. 
We weren't impressed. 
Actually, we were quite disappointed. 

I leave you with one link that I stumbled upon the other day. 
I know. 
where do you stand?



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