Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The weekend ended too quickly. 

We were busy throughout the weekend. We both (Colon and I) had volunteering obligations for most of the day on Saturday. It definitely wasn't a relaxing day. But, after work, we decided to take a trip to Flagstaff for some fun in the sun snow. 

We ended up leaving Phoenix around 6 or 7pm. We knew it would be COLD and we knew it would be snowing. We had no idea how scary our drive would be. It was so dark driving through the twist and turns. We then realized that we were driving through a snow storm. without snow tires. 

4-wheel drive. CHECK. 

Snow tires. X.

Somehow we made it and my car did such a good job through the storm. During the drive, I kept taking pictures and squealing because I was loving the snow. It was just so beautiful. I have said it before and I will have to say it again:

I LOVE the snow and wish I lived in it!

We got into Flagstaff pretty late and checked into the hotel around 11:30. Once we picked up our keys, we had to park the car. The parking lot closest to our room was up a pretty steep hill. This is where snow tires would have helped. We could not make it up the hill. So we spent 40 minutes looking for a parking spot. Once we found one we had to walk to our room in the snow. 


A few snowballs thrown at each other and we made it to our room. Relief! We were exhausted and fell asleep once we laid down. 

1-3. SNOW! How Beautiful!
4. Selfie using my car window. Taken while Colon scraped the windshield.
5. Driving to Flagstaff. Dark. heavy snow. Scary!
6. snow in some shrubs. Just beautiful!
7-8. Snow piled on my car. Colon working hard to get it off!
9. More snow. because I can't get enough!

1. Sky on our way back to Phoenix. So beautiful!
2. SNOW!
3. He had just thrown a snowball at me.
4 and 6. Playing in the snow. Trying to make a snowball to throw at me.
5. the "Stop taking pictures of me" face.
7. Icicles on my car!
8. Flagstaff clock. Thought it was cool.
9. My car, Colon, and snow. 

The next morning, we made sure we ate A LOT from the complimentary hotel breakfast and headed out  to Snowbowl! I decided not to ski because I woke up feeling sick, but I knew Colon had waited for this all year. He has been waiting to hit the slopes and he finally got his chance.

I holed up in the ski lodge and went out to play in the snow a couple of times. I just love it!

We left the mountain around 3pm and stopped at our favorite Thai restaurant for lunch! So yummy! 

It was sad leaving Flagstaff. It started to snow as we were heading out and it made me so sad. It was as if the town was saying "Don't leave!".

Oh... how I wanted to stay. 

I have been thinking about Flagstaff everyday this week. 
I hope your weekend was just as amazing as mine!



  1. Snow can definitely look so beautiful, as long as you don't have to face it 6 months a year. :) I wish we had a little bit here, just for Christmas. Wonderful photographs. x

  2. You can come live here, its been snowing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  3. LOVE all the pictures! I love cold and snow :) It's been freezing here!


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