Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Got out of work early and lounged around the house for a few hours. I had so much to do and no will to do it.

I found solace in searching the web and sat for such a long time watching make-up and DIY Youtube videos!

During my video watching marathon, the ZPalette came to mind. I have been wanting one for months. I always do the thing where I go to a website (usually  a make-up site), create a shopping cart and then chicken out when it comes time to pay. I have done this several times on the ZPalette site. It's embarrassing.

I started to make another list and had the hardest time choosing among this this and this. After creating the shopping cart and searching for my credit card, I decided that I would try a DIY Z Palette. Did you see the prices in the links? So, that is one of the things I will be working on while Colon is in Florida.

Yup, he leaves tomorrow. We spent the rest of the night shopping for Christmas clothes for him. We then started to do laundry and pack. He is still packing now.


I hate that he is leaving. Yet, am excited for all of the crafting I will get done!


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