Monday, December 16, 2013

Alone for the holidays...?

9 days until Christmas. 

3 days until Colon leaves for Florida. 

Yup. You read that last sentence right. 

I found that out yesterday. I knew Colon would be leaving for the holidays. At first, I planned on spending the holidays with him but after we went through a rough patch, I decided it was best for him to do his own thing for the holidays. 

Honestly, it came down to me not being able to face his family. It was hard for me when his parents were here a few weeks ago. I know he talked to them about our problems and I still do not know what they think of me. Do they like me? Do they think ill of me? Am I good enough for their son? It means so much to me that they like me. I love them and respect them.

Anyways... I also did not want to pressure him into spending the holidays with me. We are doing ten times better, but the rough patch set us back a bit. We are trying to rebuild. 

So...I opted to stay here in Arizona for the holidays. I don't know who's going to be in town. I don't care. I am excited for the time here. I'm a loner and will definitely find something to do while Colon is gone... ( key). He'll be gone until the day after Christmas. 

Any ideas on what I should do to occupy my time?


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  1. Make yourself your favorite food, put on some Christmas tunes, and read Dickens' Christmas Carol. I read it every year and LOVE it.
    I'm a bit jealous - a quiet Christmas all alone sounds kind of nice!


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