Thursday, December 12, 2013

A day off...

Thank God for days off.

I got so much done today.

Colon was supposed to work from home, so we stayed in bed cuddling for a few. He decided to bring his computer to bed so that I could lay down (and be completely lazy) while he worked. Unfortunately, his computer wouldn't ;ink so he had to head into work.

That's OK, though. I probably would not have gotten anything done if he stayed home all day.

I got so much done!

returned library books.

I finished up a beanie!


I got to have lunch with one of my former coworkers. It was awesome seeing her and I loved catching up!

Since I was already out of the house, I decided to pick up boxes and other things for my Christmas presents. I was able to wrap, and send out Christmas presents today. I only spent 15 minutes in the post office!

3 presents left to buy!

Yummy chocolate cake made for Colon. The ingredients were bought a week ago and Colon has been hassling me to make it. It was about time I made it!

Arts and crafts were attempted. I love the finished product!


Now to go back to work tomorrow.
Not looking forward to it!
At least the week is over tomorrow!



  1. You got so much accomplished in your day off! And the beanie looks great! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Love the beanie! it looks amazing. And what a productive day! i'm so impressed.


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