Thursday, November 7, 2013

What does he do everyday?


 is my boyfriend. 
I know he works hard and actually gets work done.
But, It's hard to believe that when I look at my phone during the day
and see the messages. 


He knows I love Harry Potter.
He knew it would make me laugh.
He's also obsessed with Corgis. 
He wants one so badly!
So, he sent me this and this

My obsession with Doctor Who is a constant subject of his messages. 
Hence the bathing suits!

I am a restless person in bed.
I cannot stand staying still in bed if I am not sleepy. 
So, I toss and turn.
It's hard for me to keep still. 
This annoys Colon. 
So, he sent me:


with the caption:

"Guess which one is which".

He thinks he is so clever. 

Especially with this message:


Short post.


PS... sorry this post is written as if I am 5 years old learning to put together small sentences!


  1. I used to ask IC what he did at work all day too because he'd be on facebook posting things all the time or writing me emails or sending me links. Seriously.

  2. Those Dr. Who bathing suits are amazing!!


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