Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pow Wows and a day at the farm...


This weekend has been amazing!

It started last night. I went to the Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow. My coworker is Pima and lives on the reservation. I was so intrigued when she gave me that information. You see, in Florida, that is not common. You just do not meet very many Native American people living on reservations in Florida. SO, when she invited me to the Pow Wow I could not resist. I was intrigued.

The food at the Pow Wow was amazing. The music. The dancing. Freaking awesome. So much culture and tradition. I am obsessed.

My friend explained that the Pow Wow was to celebrate the Native American heritage. Tribes from all over the country come to participate. She also explained that the traditions of each tribe are different. Not all Native Americans used teepees (this includes the Pima). Food differs and clothing differs. 

My only regret. Not bringing my camera and only taking 2 pictures and a short video. 

Also, check out this video that I got of dancers!
It was such a fun night. I am so glad that
a) I was invited.
b) Mostly because I have made such a great friend!

The fun didn't end there. Today was a memorable day also. We woke and cuddled in bed for a little bit. Best part!

We then got up and started our day. Library books were due so our first stop was to the drive thru book drop! Oh how I love books! 

We then made our way out to Queen Creek to visit Schnepf farms

Here's an Instagram video also!

So amazing! Corn maze. Pumpkin patch. Animals. Swings. Such a great day. I took a lot more pictures for you to see!

The sun knocked me out so when we got home I found a comfy spot on Colon and passed out for  a few hours. 

Such a great weekend!

Now... a new week is going to start... ugghhhh



  1. I went to a Pow Wow once when I was a teenager. It was SO much fun! I was impressed and blown away by everything. I am so glad you were able to experience one and have such an amazing weekend!

  2. I'm SO JEALOUS. I'd love to go to a pow-wow!


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