Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Onesies and Whos....

I am finally home!

 Such a long day yet it was a great day. I woke up with energy and was ready for whatever the day brought.

I totally forgot that today was going to be extra long!

Every quarter, my company has a "Market rally" where they have each team do something fun. this year the "fun" thing was a 3 minute movie. We were allowed to pick the theme, but we had to incorporate everyone within the team. So, in the spirit of Christmas, we chose to do The Grinch...

... and we got to dress as Whos!

So, after work we donned our onesies, fluffed and braided our hair, put on massive amounts of blush and started filming.

I have come to the conclusion that onesies are awesome!

Oh and it's the end of Wednesday! The week ends in a couple of days and Colon's parents come tomorrow! Eek.



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  1. Oh wow! You're company sounds like such fun to work for! What a great idea. How can there not be pictures with this post?


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