Thursday, November 14, 2013

On this day...

...last year, Colon and I were still living in Florida.

We had just celebrated five and a half years together.

Colon was at a conference. I was in Gainesville and missing him while he was gone. We had attended a friends wedding in Orlando a few days before and we made it a point to visit the parks. It was great because I finally got to go to Harry Potter world. I got my first wand and had my first taste of butterbeer. It was amazing.

I was contemplating the move to Arizona.

So many things were happening.

I thought I would reminisce here on the blog. Kind of my version of Throwback Thursday (blog style).

After opening my post from this same day last year, I became obsessed with Pentatonix.

Maybe it's because I love Christmas.

But then... I listened to some of their other songs...

Love the original song by Gotye. They put a new twist to this one!

There's more. Just go to their Youtube site! You will love them!

Before I go. 

Please pray for those that were affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. 
Look at the recorded windspeeds... 

Such a beautiful video of twins!
I would totally like to host/ participate in another Short Story Challenge.
Would you?
Let me know!

Oh and I got the blog's Facebook page up. Like it?

Get ready for the end of the week y'all!


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