Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh no...

It's Sunday. That means there's work tomo....


No. It's a long weekend! It feels so good to be able to say that. This weekend has been great and I don't want it to end. I am going to take full advantage of the extra day.

After I finished typing up my post yesterday, I made sure to do something fun! I took the Christmas decor out of storage (or at least what was left of it) and started putting up the Christmas tree.



It felt so good to put everything up. I will be buying more decor as the season progresses. I know it's early and many of you are thinking that I am crazy for putting stuff up so early. But I love it!

So, the Christmas tree set-up was perfect for the end of Saturday. I went to bed and slept so well! I was not ready to wake this morning and was surprised when Colon got up early. He is doing some kind of race/ marathon in the future and had a workout this morning. Poor boy actually had to wake early for it. 

I stayed in bed and lazed around for a few and then finally got my butt up and did a few household chores. I then sat and read while I waited for my friend to be ready for a library trip. We ended up having a quick Sonic lunch and stayed at the library for an hour. It was amazing! I picked out so many books and am looking forward to dive into them. I got a new library card (for the Phoenix library system) and am proud to be an owner of 2 library cards! I even have been posting library/book-related posts on my Tumblr page!


I hope you all have been having a great day/ weekend!

I will leave you with some fun links to get you through your day...

With my background in math, the following intrigued me:
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Stop using "I am not a math person" as an excuse! You are hurting yourself!
Math and history. I knew they could go together!

I found a cool article on this lovely bloggers space and thought I would share!

And for more nerdiness...
I cannot wait for The Day of the Doctor!
David Tennant is back!


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  1. Ugh I need to start getting my holiday stuff out, we have so much of it (some donated from my parents when they moved) and it's all in random places.

    P.S. I'm giving away a $100 credit towards a pretty new dress! I'd love for you to enter.


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