Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just another day...

I get to relax. 
Today was a crazy day.
I had a late start to my work day.
But I still had errands to run before my work day could begin. 

I even got my eyebrows done. I was looking pretty rough!

My work day went smoothly. 
Except for the fact that the girl that did not show up on Saturday, no called-no showed today. 
She then quit.
So annoying. 

After work, Colon and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch his team (Ecuador) play a match. 
I love wings and was excited to scarf down.
It was fun meeting his friends, too!

While we were watching the game, I kept looking at COlon's face because something seemed different. 

I looked.

I kept looking. 

I stared.

And finally, I figured it out. His facial hair is longer and thicker. NO BUENO! Not a fan. He doesn't look bad, but I know he will be rubbing his face on my cheek because he knows how much it annoys me later. 

Now I am ready to pass out!
Maybe read a few chapters of my book. 

Sorry I have been so uninteresting lately. 




  1. There is an awkward facial hair stage where it's super prickly and awful, but a day or two later it's softer scruff. I don't know what happens after that because IC always shaves.

  2. What book are you reading right now? I'm on the look out for a new one ;)
    xo TJ



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