Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Ms. Grumpy Pants.

I woke up early to take Colon to the airport before work. Colon waited until AFTER I WAS DRESSED to tell me he will take himself to the airport. Sucks that I can't just go back to bed!

Work was stressful and I just was not into it today. I was dragging my feet.

After work, I had a coworker help me drive to the airport and pick up Colon's car. I totally forgot that there would be Thanksgiving travel traffic at the airport.


Colon told me he parked his car in the West Economy parking lot. After searching the WHOLE parking lot, we FINALLY found an attendant. He let us know that the parking space number could also be in the East Economy lot. After making our way through the airport traffic, we found Colon's car in the East Economy parking lot.


Total time it took us to find his car: 45 minutes.


Now, I am going to relax and have a great night.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I want to make sure I start that day in optimism!



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  1. Ugh, it's so annoying when all those little things add up to just be TOO MUCH. Happy Thanksgiving


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