Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cash...Cash anyone?

Sent to me by Colon.
I want to watch Mulan now!
Netflix, Here I come!

Long weekends just evoke feelings of extreme happiness. 

The weekend started with a bang on Friday. 

After work, Colon and I came home and relaxed for a few. We then made our way to eat a quick dinner at Chipotle*. Yummy!
Once we got home, it was time to rush because we had tickets to see Cash Cash at Maya. I got all dressed up and we went out. I had a great time. During the dancing, inflatable cats, ice cream, etc were being thrown around. They even had confetti falling from the ceiling. At one point, I had my hands in the air when the confetti was falling. All of a sudden, I felt something in my hand. Dollar bills were falling along with the confetti. I managed to get $4! SCORE! 

Last night, I made out big. 
Time spent with Colon.
Great music.

I would have even had an inflatable doll to take home if it wasn't for security taking it from my hands. 

Anyways. We went to bed pretty late last night. But we still woke up at a reasonable time this morning. We had to. The Gator game was on. It was so hard to watch that game and we settled for phone updates by the time half time came. Our team was suffering and we, as die-hard Gator fans, were suffering along with them. 

After half-time, we made our way to the Sprint store. We were only supposed to look at phones. Colon upgraded his phone during the summer and I was FINALLY up for upgrade! The thing is Colon has had his eye on the new Google phone that came out recently. He wanted me to take his Samsung Galaxy S4 and he would either use my upgrade to get that phone or buy the new Google phone directly from Google. 

So, we went to look at phones. Ever since I saw that the Samsung Note 3 came out, I knew I had to have it. BUT I knew Colon wanted to get the new Google phone, so I hesitated. Why not let him use my upgrade and I take his relatively new S4? We weighed the options and decided, I would get the phone that I wanted. YES! It is awesome. 

After lunch, we headed home and I played with my new phone the rest of the day. Such a great weekend so far! I love spending time with Colon and that is what this weekend has consisted of!

Now, I am sitting here reading articles, typing away, while listening to the following playlist.
My dad actually bought this CD for me when it came out. I think it may have been my first CD ever. I was quite young and am surprised by the lyrics of some of the songs on this album. But hey, her voice is just amazing.

Now, I am going to go bother Colon! He deserves it!


*I love Chipotle and have indulged in its goodness ever since they opened one in Gainesville, Florida. But I am noticing that the restaurants out here deliver TERRIBLE customer service. They are lucky I love the food as much as I do!

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