Monday, November 4, 2013


You know it's going to be an interesting week when your alarm doesn't go off on the first day back at work.

Don't worry. I made it on time to work. It was just a rough morning.

How did I know today wouldn't be too bad?

You see. It happened on the way to work. I was driving on the highway and managed to pass a guy. As I was passing him, he looked over at me while trying to balance his drink. Apparently this drink had a lot of whipped cream. We keep driving and I start to notice that said car is trying to keep pace with me. So I look at him again. He wiggles his eyebrows, starts to lick the whipped cream and then... sneezes. Yup, the whipped cream got EVERYWHERE. I was laughing SOOO hard.

The moral of the story. Do not try to look cool/ pick up a girl with an overflowing-whipped-creamy-drink in your hand while driving. It will backfire!

And I will laugh at you.



  1. This is so funny. Why do guys think this is an appropriate way to pick up the ladies? Also, when has this ever worked? And how would it ever work?

  2. Oh gosh, that's definitely the worst when your alarm doesn't go off when it should. I'm glad that you were able to at least make it to work on time though!!
    xo TJ


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