Monday, November 25, 2013

A weekend to remember...

This weekend was amazing.
Colon's parents were in town and we made sure to show them a good time.

They arrived late on Thursday night. I was not able to greet them because I had an early start to Friday (aka.... Friday meetings. Not fun!)

Friday started off like any other Friday. Excited about the weekend but begrudging the fact that I have to wake up for the Friday meetings. Work was actually tolerable. Long but tolerable. I was able to make it out by 6:30 and arrived home to see Colon and his parents hanging out. They were waiting for me to get home so we can head out to dinner.

We ended up having dinner at The Roaring Fork. Colon and I went there once before and were amazed by how delicious the food is. The portions are HUGE and the price is great for the portion sizes!

After dinner, we all went straight to bed. We has our tummies full and were exhausted from the day. Plus we planned on getting up early to start the weekend adventures.

Would you be surprised if I told you that getting up early was a fail? We ended up getting up at around 9. Then we had to take the time to pack clothes for the cold weather. We knew Sedona would be cold and we heard that Flagstaff had snow. Once we had everything ready, we headed out.

Let me warn you. A recurring theme of the weekend was car sickness. I LOVE car rides and drives but get extremely sick in the back seat. That is why I always got the front seat when I traveled with my family. It was not the case this weekend.

It was hard for me to enjoy the scenery on the way to Sedona and Flagstaff. It was kind of miserable.

But that is OK.

Once we got out of the cars, I had a blast.

Our first stop was Sedona. We hiked a couple of trails and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I even heard about the "vortexes" and their healing powers from fellow hikers.

DO you know anything about that? I had never heard of it. People were freaking out when they saw two little water spouts from between the rocks that were cause by hydro-static pressure. Supposedly that is a good sign!

 Sedona just leaves me in awe. So beautiful.

We ended up driving through the main part of town and having lunch at Wildflower. It was cold out and the soup was a great way to suppress our hunger and warm up. We were going to head straight to Flagstaff, but I wanted to visit a trading post that we visited the last time we came to Sedona.

The place is called Clear Creek Trading Company. Go ahead. Click on the link. Look at all of the cool stuff they have. They have so much more in the store. I could spend hours in there and could spend so much money at the store! I ended up buying my sisters and mothers Christmas gifts! I am excited to give it to them.

Once we finished up at the store, we made our way to Flagstaff. SNOW! I was so excited.

There was light snow as we got closer to Flagstaff! Once we got into town, we decided to walk around the downtown area. We ended up at a shopping center and went inside because it was so cold. Plus, we have to remember that Colon's parents are from Miami. They aren't used to the cold.

One of the stores that we visited was P.J. Chilcottage. One of the last times we were in Flagstaff (earlier this year), we stopped in this store. I fell in love with everything that the store had. The clothes were cute. The accessories were right up my alley. I couldn't help but buy something last time and I sure as hell couldn't help it this time. I ended up buying a few bow-headbands and a solid perfume.

After we shopped, we headed to our favorite Thai restaurant, Pato Thai Cuisine,  in Flagstaff. We have visited this restaurant during every Flagstaff trip and thought it would be fitting to take Colon's parents to eat there. I can still remember the first (I briefly mention it in that link) time we ate there.

That night, everyone passed out. Except for me. I kept waking throughout teh night because the bed was uncomfortable and I was freezing. By the time it was waking time, my eyes had bags under them and I was ready to head back to Pheonix.

That went away, though. Colon took us up the mountain to Snowbowl and we played in the snow for quite a while. It was amazing.

I want to live in the snow now!

But, all trips must come to an end. We had to make our way back Phoenix. We made a pit stop in Flagstaff and then trekked back to Phoenix.

Colon's parents then caught their flight and Colon and I were once again alone. We slept well last night and pretty much recovered.

He had an amazing birthday. We had a memorable weekend.

I had today off.

Work starts tomorrow. Back to the real world.

Colon leaves for California on Wednesday. He has a retirement party to go to. So, I will be here for Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I sure did!



  1. I miss the snow so much! I really love living in a place with super defined seasons (ie SNOW!).

  2. Sedona is a beautiful place. loved the red rocks when i went there a few years ago. :)

  3. I will trade you on the living in the snow. It is six below zero right now. We have had 8 inches of snow since Tuesday night. Heaters tend to fail when it gets this cold. It's straight up miserable.


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