Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mischief Managed

Halloween is tomorrow. I have been wanting to listen to something Halloween-y but relaxing. So...

I started listening to songs from the Harry Potter soundtrack.

Fun, right? Now I have the urge to go and watch the movies!... and to eat the treats I made yesterday.
1. Pumpkin pie
2. Rice Krispy treats
I also have been reading some fun articles
 and have stumbled upon some fun(ny) things lately. 
Colon sent me a turtle meme.
He also sent me a funny Harry Potter gif
It would be cool to have a microscope on hand all of the time!
I could have told you this (without a study!)
I never would have thought that swaddling was so bad...
It's OK...send the wine over here!
I love my Kindle AND paperback books.
Does anybody need a psychic?
Some articles worth reading
NASA Shoots Lasers at the Moon to Create Insanely Fast Internet
Ozone hole over the South Pole shrinks
Making New Elements
A Gift-Wrapped Edible Present Equals Longer Sex (For Spiders)
BeerSci: What Is The Difference Between A Lager And An Ale?
Fish Sauce: An Ancient Roman Condiment Rises Again
How to relieve pressure on our stressed water resources
Filipinos head to polls with eyes on 2016
Powerful Storm Lashes Northern Europe, Paralyzing Travel in Much of Britain
Nasa prepares to send Maven spacecraft to Mars - video
Emergencies inspire new apps to answer crisis calls
Why Babies In Arabic-Speaking Households Learn Some Numbers Faster
What You Need To Know About Babies, Toddlers And Screen Time
What Are Genetically Recoded Organisms?
First child 'functionally cured' of HIV remains in remission, scientists announce
Student Loan Problems Showing Up In Wall Street Earnings

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