Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Interesting day...

Gosh. Today was an interesting day.

*I arrived at work to see that we had an unwelcome visitor. You see, we get audited every month to make sure we are following procedure. This monthly audit is random. meaning, we have NO IDEA when they will come. Well, today was the day and it was stressful in the office.

*Because of said audit, my boss was stressed out and crabby. he was on everyone's butt and was micromanaging like a hawk. So annoying.

* I had my annual "women's" exam today. So, I left work early for my appointment. Even though I get these every year, I still get uncomfortable. It's so weird to have someone touch your boobs and insert things up your vajayjay. Awkward!

*Colon sent the following meme to me:

My day got better though. I picked up Taco Bell (yummy!) after my appointment and am currently watching Colon play his new WiiU. At the end of Sunday's post, I briefly mentioned that Colon got a WiiU. He has been staying up and playing on it every chance he gets. It's awesome!

Do you know what else was interesting? 
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I wish my make-up could control my gadgets!
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Hope your Humpday was great. This week couldn't go by any slower...


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