Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I never realized how bad I was at decorating for Halloween until I was given the task to do so by Colon.

I SUCK at it!


I just want Halloween to come and go and Christmas to come!

That is what I have been thinking all day! You see, I had today off and took full advantage of it. Yesterday was an amazing day at work. Everyone was cheerful and everything seemed to be going my way. It's crazy that it was a Monday. Monday's are NEVER like that!

It was so good that I went on a cleaning rampage when I got home. Believe me... That's good! It means that I was in the mood to clean.

I was ready to go this morning. I tried making myself a coffee-smoothie-slushy thing and I made such a mess. So I abandoned that task, packed my  bag, and hit the road.

I first went to the bank to make a small deposit (hello budgeting!).

I then went to the mall to pick up a few things. I have already started my Christmas shopping and am trying to get odds and ends here and there. I WILL NOT put my shopping off until the last minute this year!

SO, I continued on my adventure. I went to another bank to make a small payment towards a credit card and then headed to the Dollar tree to look for cheap Halloween decor. I told you I hate Halloween...so why am I going to spend so much on the decor? I found a couple of things and also managed to get a bag of Peach-O's before I want on my way.

Wal Mart and grocery shopping was my next stop. I grabbed a couple of bags of candy for the kiddos (said as if I was an adult..). I picked up ingredients for pumpkin pie, Rice Krispy treats and other things we needed for the house.

Word of advice... don't shop while hungry!

The last stop of my trip was the library to drop off books. I didn't pick any up because I still had books at home that are due soon. But it felt good to return a book.

I was surprised that I got home by 1pm. I got so much done and the day was just beginning. I made my pumpkin pie and also made the rice krispy treats. They are DELICIOUS! While I waited for my treats to finish, I worked on wrapping the Christmas gifts that I bought.


Now... let me go and get myself mentally prepared for working out with Colon. Maybe the workout will give me ideas for Halloween decorations!


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  1. I can't wait until Christmas either!! Although I love decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! My Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations often overlap though, lol.


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