Sunday, October 20, 2013

Feel the burn...

I am dying people (exaggeration!)

My body is SOOOO sore. You see, remember how yesterday I mentioned I was going to the gym with Colon? Well, we went. He insisted on it and I could not find it in my heart to say no. He looked so excited about it. 

For our entire relationship, I have been the lazy-when-it-comes-to-athletics one. I HATE going to the gym and HATE doing physical activity. I would much rather read and spend my time relaxing. But Colon is the opposite. He plays soccer and volleyball and goes to the gym regularly. 

So, I went. 

...and it wasn't that bad. He taught me the routine he does. It seemed doable when he was explaining it but, of course, it was more difficult than I thought. Isn't that how exercising works? It's easy to say "I can do that!". 

I have to admit. I had fun. It was fun spending time with Colon and I felt great (tired, but great) afterwards. 

I was so sore this morning.

But I still managed to get up before my alarm and get dressed immediately. I tried to ignore my sore limbs. I mean, I was so excited to go walk/ hike a trail with a friend. I got my Camelback filled with ice (because I HATE drinking warm water!), packed my bag and was on my way to South Mountain

I had an amazing time. We did the following:

Mormon Trail > National Trail > Fat Man's Pass > National Trail > Natural Tunnel > National Trail > Mormon Trail

Oh. I knew I was out of shape when we started but I seemed to adjust after .2 miles. By the end of the hike, there were less frequent stops for rest. We were pros. 

Guys. The hike was amazing. I intended to take lots and lots of pictures but that did not happen. The view of Phoenix as we ascended the mountain was amazing. We could see planes taking off and landing at the airport. Just amazing! 

1. Mormon trail
2. The view as we ascended.
3. People think they are funny.
4. Cactus is huge!
5. My trying to get through Fat Man's pass.
6. The Natural Tunnel
7. The Natural Tunnel, again. I loved the shadows in this picture
8. Baby cactus
9. My friend is an awesome photographer!

The hike was so much fun! We had great conversations under the beautiful dessert sky. It was so clear! We also got some "exercise" in. 

My body legs are screaming at me now. They are so sore. I could hardly get back into the car after the hike. While sitting in the car, I felt faint and got car sick. That is how I knew we needed to eat. So, we made our way to Lee's Sandwiches. Oh. My. God. So yummy! 

Once I got home, I decided to relax. I sat here for hours working on Codecademy and other things.

Now, I will leave you for the night. I have to go watch Colon set up his new WiiU. 

Hope your weekend was just as amazing as mine has been!



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