Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two weeks...

Instagram Style :)

Yup. It's hard for me to talk, so I will let my Instagram pics do the talking!

Last weekends trip to Flagstaff!
It's weird not seeing the snow everywhere!

Ski haus in Flagstaff was having a sale on snowboard/ ski equipment. Since Colon's gear was stolen, we decided to check the sale out. He ended up buying a new board and a new pair of goggles to go along. He was so excited!

Found this Here and had to post onto Instagram. Again check out her blog!
Such a great quote!

A friend and I decided to have dinner Saturday night. We decided to check out Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ. This place is so close to work and everyone kept recommending it to me. Apparently it was featured on the Food Network and the food is amazing. So, I decided to give it a try! SO freaking yummy! I had a chili cheese dog and... heaven....
I would have Instagrammed a picture but I forgot to take one because I was soooo hungry :)

Candy corn... my favorite!

Sunday was filled with fun and errands. I spent time with a coworker. We got our nails done (yes!...much needed) and had lunch. I then ran around town buying groceries and other household necessities! So productive. While in Target (you must know where this is going... I never leave with  just the thing I went there for...) I found candy corn. I could not pass it up. It is my ALL TIME favorite candy and this pack had the candy pumpkins. BONUS! So yummy!

I have been horrible with updating my social media lately. When will life get back on track?


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  1. Glad you got some deals on ski gear!
    And candy corn.... YUM!


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