Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The last two weeks have been crazy stressful.

My personal life has been crazy. My work life has been busy.

Things are finally starting to settle down.

I hope. 

We had a management change in our office last week. We knew it was coming but we were trying not to talk about it. We love our manager and it was so hard to see her go.

 But we had to let her go.

We all got together last Tuesday for a nice dinner at Arriba Mexican Grill to bid her farewell. We talked. We cried. We had fun. We let her go.

The rest of the week was spent compensating for her leave. Everyone was running around. It was crazy.


Things started to get better as the weekend rolled in.

Pictures from the past week... posted on Instagram!

1. I have had these shoes for 4 years. Saturday night was the second time I wore them. 

2. Colon and I went out on Saturday night. We "pre-gamed" at one of his friends apartments and whoa...
this apartment was amazing. There was a set of stairs that led to the roof. This is the view of the pool from the roof. 

3. Colon and I sat on the roof talking to people for a while. I also tried to get a "selfie" of us. He was not digging the flash! We ended the night by going to American Junkie. Not that great but at least we went with awesome people. 

4. Look what I found in Colon's room. It was my balloon that I got from work a few weeks ago. It's still alive!

5. Last night Colon and I went to BJ's Brewhouse with some of Colon's friends. We had new people start at work a few weeks ago and one of those people irritates the hell out of me. This glass of BJ's Brewhouse Blonde was much needed! We then went and saw Elysium with the group. The movie isn't horrible, I just was not a fan. 

6. I came across this cactus while we were walking to the bars on Saturday night. Cute, right?

7,8,9. I have been running jogging walking lately. Today during my walk, I came across a park in my neighborhood. Yay for fun!
PS... I got this new Nike+ Running app and it is awesome! You should try it!


I told you this past week was crazy!

But there's more! Colon was able to get free tickets to a Diamondbacks game on Sunday. So, that is how we spent our Sunday. We went to Alice Cooperstown before we attended the game since it was so close to the stadium. I didn't post any Instagram pictures of our food or the game BUT I brought my DSLR so I have a few pics from the game!

I am actually impressed with my new lens! The pictures look as if we were right there by the field when in fact we were high up. 

Whooo... I feel like I have been rambling!

Sorry the post is so long!

I hope everyone has had an amazing week so far!


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  1. Sorry you'r work has been stressful. But glad you had a good weekend and the week is halfway over!


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