Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sushi and ice cream make the scary go away!

Wooo... yesterday's post was quite long! I didn't realize that one trip to the record store could result in such a long post!

SO, I am sitting here... writing this post while listening to Abbey Road. Aren't The Beatles amazing?

This album helped me out this weekend!

You see, this happened Friday night. :::scumbags!::: I didn't figure everything out until Saturday after Colon left for Vegas with a couple of friends. While I was freaking out and writing the post, Victor, a friend of mine messaged me. It was nice because he came over and spent time with me. I got to catch up with him and find out about the happenings in his life lately. It was nice!

I needed to get out of the house, so Victor took me to Culver's.

Oh my... the sundae was yummy. The base was butterfinger pecan with butterscotch and almonds added. I could NOT stop eating! 

Victor was looking for a particular item for his house, so he invited me to help him. We stopped by several stores and did not find anything. 

I ended the night with a nice book!

The next day, Victor invited me to get sushi at Hon Machi. SO GOOD! I had not had sushi since I was in Florida, so I was in heaven! I had two rolls and a plate of dumplings. I freaking pigged out!


Try this place out, if you are in the area!

Again, I ended the night (and weekend) with a nice book! (which I have to update you all on my reading list! I have a couple of books to add!)

Have an awesome night everyone!



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