Monday, August 26, 2013


I'm back and feeling ten times better. This ordeal really was... scary (for lack of a better word). It took me a while to get comfortable with being alone in the house. I still find myself checking the doors and making sure they are locked.

Anyways... thanks to those that messaged, responded, texted, and spent time with me! Ya'll made me feel better!

So yeah... other than that ordeal, this past week or two was... stressful. I keep saying it. It's true. Work has been crazy. Fast-paced. Expectations are high and I find myself worrying about meeting those expectations. If you know me personally, then you know that I WORRY about everything. I lose sleep. I lose weight QUICKLY. It takes a toll.

The weekends have been NEEDED! Last Sunday (August 18), Colon and I ended up going to a record shop. Upon walking in, I was overwhelmed. There was just SOOOO much to look at. Movies. CD's. Comics. Records. SO much!

Colon and I stumbled upon a couple of record players. I have been wanting one for a while and this one was affordable.


So, COlon and I decided to look around the store before we made our decision. I came upon the Abbey Road album and I was itching for that record player. I needed wanted it so badly.

I kept looking around the store and found Archie comics for $.99. So, I knew I was leaving the store with something!

Yup. I left with all those Archie comics. 

...and I kept looking around. That was when I found the Doctor Who stand. I HAD to get something. So, I left with this Tardis toy!

It is awesome. Do you want to know how Colon and I decided to get the record player? 


We actually stood in the middle of the store and played the game. 

So, I won. We got it and I left with this album!



...and this is now standing on my desk!


This post is quite long! So I am going for now! Expect more of a life update manana!

Stay sweet everyone! I hope your week has been amazing!


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