Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A short check in...

Colon and I are currently off to a wedding in the NYC!

Oh Yeah!

I thought I would leave you with a few fun things that I have seen here on the interwebs and on TV. You know... because I am such a lazy butt!

How awkward was this?

I lost respect for Robin Thicke after this... Did anyone else?

Now from AWKWARD to AWESOME...

How much I love them! ...and the songs brought back so many memories!

PostSecret will never get old. I cannot get enough of it! I need to send something in.

Colon spends his time at work sending me the weirdest and funniest things. Here are some examples: 1. How desperate   2. I wish I was coordinated   3. Reminds me of Norty!

I was mentioned in this post by a lovely blogger and I need to respond! It will happen soon!

Why soon and not now? Colon and I are currently on our way to NYC to attend a wedding!

SO. Much. Fun!

XO Lourdes

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  1. Hope you had an incredible NYC trip, and that the wedding was lovely!


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