Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yet again

... I find myself apologizing for not updating in a few days. Life has been crazy this week.

Today was the first relaxing day in a long time ('s been a week)
Sure, we had Thursday off for July 4th, but that really was not relaxing at all.
Aren't the lights awesome? They are wine bottles!
July 4
You see, this week was crazy busy.
Work had been intense.
I was so excited for July 4th.
It was going to be a break from the crazy week.
Time to ourselves.
Like I said before, it really wasn't.
We went to a pool party.
Sun all day + drinking + socializing = exhausted Lourdes.

You can see me in the picture :)
July 4

Work then consumed my days until 4pm yesterday.
I got home from work and did some housework.
I bought Norton a treat and cleaned his tank!
We then spent the night with friends.
Pool hall.
Waffle house.
Fun night.
Again, exhausting.

He was excited1
July 6

The "Please don't take a picture of me" face
July 6

So sweet!
July 6

July 6

Pulled pork sandwich
Today started off with a bang though.
We woke at 12pm.
We ate at Hungry Monks.
We are now relaxing.
Thank God.

On another note...

There are some exciting things from this week. 

Colon finally upgraded his phone. 
He got the Samsung Galaxy S4. 
It's awesome.
This allowed me to use his old phone (the S2)
My older phone was really outdated.

Instagram video is awesome!
I've been watching videos and loving them.

This video. LOVE Bob's Burgers. 

Henry Cavill. Lusted over him for years. Loved him from the Tudors. He is just beautiful. 

It's interesting to see other roles that the Game of Thrones actors have played. 

I should make this for Norty!

This video is awesome. I hate spiders but amazing!

Happy weekend!


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  1. Hope you got to take full advantage of your relaxing day! xx

  2. I hear ya on Henry Cavill...
    Did you know he played Albert in Count of Monte Cristo?!
    I drooled over him all through Man of Steel.


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