Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's almost Friday ya'll!

The last day of the work week is near.
Like 4 more hours near!

This week has been... 
I don't feel stressed.
I have made an effort to speak to all of my sisters.
I have cleared up stuff with the AZ DMV.
(They are incompetent by the way)
I finished a book!
I will review/post about it later!
I promise!
I have not been on my computer for the past two days.
Except for the past hour.

I have been loving...

This list. Those minions are the funniest!
Who wouldn't want Minions in their Instagram pictures?
How interesting is this?
Look who appears as number 2 on this list!
Go Gators!
This blogger (amazing) mentioned the Wayback Machine and I am loving it!
I got this app to stay in touch with my dad while he is out of the States! 
Email just wasn't cutting it!

My life has been good lately. 

Has yours?


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  1. My life is good but it'll be better after tomorrow! Hope you have a great weekend!


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