Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thoughts: Hump day edition

+++ While driving to work today, I almost hit a mattress. 
In the middle lane.
 Of the highway. 
Where was the mattress owner?
Emergency lane watching while people were swerving. 

+++ Late nights at work kind of suck. 
Numbers at work did not add up.
guess who got to stay late to detect where the difference came from. 

+++ The new season of Real housewives of New Jersey is great. 
The last episode made me cry.

+++Seeing Jacqueline and her dedication to Nicholas. 
Seeing Nicholas say "I love you" in the last episode. 
Tear wrenching. 

+++ I think my feelings towards Melissa are starting to change. 
I loved her the last couple of seasons. 
But I am seeing differences in her this season. 

+++ I was surprised to see a shout out on this lovely lady's blog!
I have been reading her blog for a while and she is a favorite of mine!
So, Mrs. B The feeling is mutual!

+++ Does anyone else feel like bras are uncomfortable at times?
Do they make you feel...

+++ This lady mentioned The Babysitters Club in one of her posts.
Now I am obsessed and HAVE to make my way to Netflix.
Get ready for a Netflix addiction ALL over again!

+++ How do you approach a friend that you KNOW is hurting?
Nothing I can say will make it better for them.
How do you let them know that you care?

+++ If you have not done so already, follow me on Bloglovin' 

+++ Why the hell is the weekend taking forever to get here?



  1. I always wonder when I see random stuff on the highway what the owner is doing without them. But a mattress?? What on earth!

  2. I always make up stories about the things I see on highways - like it was a lover's tiff that made someone strap the mattress on to the roof of their care, but not with the care they needed to, and so it flew off as they got on the high way.


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