Monday, June 17, 2013

The weekend went by too quickly...

I cannot say that enough. 
I know today is going to be busy at work and... 
I am not looking forward to it. 

Why do weekends fly by?

Waking up to Colon to Colon's alarm was not fun. 
He started his day by going to the gym. 
I didn't. 
I stayed in bed for a little and then cleaned up.
Once he got back home and showered, our day of errands commenced. 
We had lunch at Chipotle (Carnita bowl all the way!)
We then made our way to Ikea. 

We spent the rest of the day watching Bob's Burger's (hilarious) 


and putting the bed together.


We ordered pizza for dinner and spent the rest of the night relaxing together.

Another late day.
Another hot day!


Grocery shopping was a must and we bought some yummy food!
We bought a pineapple. 


...and the ingredients for my favorite Filipino stew.


Such a relaxing weekend spent with the boyfriend.

Now this new week has started.
Hopefully it goes by quickly so that I can enjoy another weekend.


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