Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oozma Kappa... I'm OK

The frequency of my posts have been sporadic lately.
I just can't keep it together.
I come home from work exhausted.
All I want to do is cuddle and relax.

My last post was written at the beginning of the week.
The week started off quiet and relaxing.
It turned into a crazy and draining week.
Work has been... stressful.
It was the last few days of the quarter.
This means that we had to make sure things were in order to get my bonus.
After a lot of work this week, I made it!
Thank God.
Extra money for my vacation savings, a gift for Colon, and student loan payoff. :::ugghhhh::::

Colon came back from Santa Clara on Wednesday.
I was so lonely without him.
When he got back into town, he picked me up and took me out to eat.
We went to BJ's.
I LOVE this place.
It reminds me of the first time Colon took me to a BJ's.
He was interning in California and we shared a pizza and a pizooki.
I also had my first taste of their homemade cream soda.
Anyways, Wednesday night was great.
We shared a pizooki AND I had two glasses of the cream soda.

We then came home and watched my all time favorite movie, Rebecca.


I have read the book a thousand times and seen the movie a dozen times.
It is amazing.
I definitely recommend it.
Hitchcock did an amazing job in portraying the characters.
Joan Fontaine is gorgeous and plays Mrs. De Winter well.
Laurence Olivier... just so freaking handsome and such a great actor.
Read the book (before watching the movie)!
You won't regret it!

After a long and crazy Thursday, our team had a dinner.
Fully paid for by the company.
It was nice to be acknowledged for all of our hard work.
The team members talked and got to know each other on a more personal level.
We were treated to Gordon Biersch.
It wasn't bad but I was not really impressed by the food.

I didn't just eat unimpressive food this weekend.
Colon surprised me last night to a Cuban restaurant called
Mimita's Cuban Cafe.
We were weary when we walked in.
We are both used to REALLY GOOD Cuban food.
And we really were surprised.
The food was great.
I ordered Rabo Encendido.


My absolute favorite dish that my grandmother makes for us kids.
It was yummy.
Just not as yummy as my grandmother's.
This restaurant made it onto my weekly-must-have list.

Friday was the day that I realized the summer would be unbearably hot.
Everyone that came into work was muttering "I'm melting".
The weekend temperatures were horrible (as seen in my Instagram pictures below).



How the heck does it get 100+ ?

This is ridiculous.

Do you know what else is ridiculous?

The amount of fun Colon and I had today.
We finally graced the Phoenix Premium Outlets with our presence.
We went shopping.
We only intended to check everything out...
...sans extensive card swiping.
We only wanted to pick up jeans for Colon.

We did not follow our intent.
When we first got there, we walked into several non-jean related stores.
We swiped the card in Nine West.
They were having a sale and Colon wanted to get me some new work shoes.
Such a sweet man.
So, I left with two new pair of pumps!

Next, we swiped the card at Fossil.
You see, Colon never was an accessory person.
He does not like necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.
That is why I was so surprised in December when he started looking for a watch.
He had something picked out and his mother ended up buying him a watch for Christmas.
He loved/s that watch. 
When we walked into Fossil today, we found that same watch in a different color.
It was on sale.
And it stole his heart.
Then we found out Fossil was having a "buy one, get one half off" sale.
We are suckers.
Colon walked out of that store with two new watches!

We walked out of Fossil and decided that we should just go straight into Levi's and buy the jeans.
That would be our last stop.
We bought the jeans and headed home.
But, I made sure to take some random pictures before we left.



Yup. I took a picture with a cactus and with a turtle figurine that was in the kids play area.

I am glad that I cannot say that my day ended there.
It didn't.
Colon and I went to go see Monster's University.
Such a great movie.
Such an amazing end to the night.
Go see it!

Man, this weekend was amazing!

I cannot wait for Thursday!


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