Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Today was a not-so-regular day.

I had the day off.

It was amazing. 

I woke up late.
 Went to Taco Bell and enjoyed my first Chalupa in years!


While chowing down, Colon called. He was on his lunch break and I loved hearing his voice. It really was weird waking up and not seeing him next to me. We spoke about a couple of things, but something that was a constant part of the conversation was how much he missed California. I could hear it in his voice while he was speaking. And we spoke about EVENTUALLY moving to California. Interesting. 

Anyways, Lunch was followed by thrift shopping and a stop at the drugstore. Needless to say, five more colors were added to my lipstick collection! 


Can you believe that I bought 5 Milani lipsticks for a dollar each! I know they are usually cheap.
But still!
It's a steal!

...and my day did not stop there. I pulled out my knitting needles and got to work on some of the yarn that I had. I made a warm scarf for the winter and another one is in the works. 

Oh yeah!


Yet lazy!

Perfect Tuesday!



  1. Sounds amazing! I had the day off yesterday and spent pretty much the whole day lazing by the pool.


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