Friday, June 14, 2013

Letters... June 14


Dear Kirsten. Happy Happy Birthday. I miss you so much and I love you to death! You are amazing! I hope yesterday was special for you! You deserve it! I am sad that I wasn't able to get in contact with you yesterday but know I am thinking of you! LOVE YOU!

  Dear me. You need to get on the New Years Resolution thing. I know that Archie Comics keep getting in my way but still. Get it together. Dear Madame Bovary. I am having trouble reading you. I have no idea why. You are boring me so far! Dear Weekend.  I am ready for you and have been waiting for you since Monday. Another FULL weekend for me! Dear Colon. When are you going to update your nerd blog? I want to learn all about all things nerdy! Dear friends. I know I am HORRIBLE at keeping in touch with you. I suck! I know. I just have to work on family first! Dear Dad. Be safe in Dubai. The stories you told during Christina's graduation dinner scared me! Dear Colon. I am so excited to get the bed for the guestroom/craftroom this weekend. Finally, my room will be COMPLETE!

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  1. Madame Bovary continues to be boring in my opinion. I know it's supposed to be dramatic and such but I really didn't enjoy reading it in high school or when I attempted to read it again in college.


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