Monday, June 24, 2013

It won't bring itself in

Monday's really do suck. 

I wish it was still the weekend. 

Colon left early this morning for Santa Clara. He has business meetings the next couple of days and I miss him terribly. The house is so quiet. SO lonely. I miss him!

I keep thinking about this past weekend. 
It was relaxing.
... and extremely lazy.
Colon worked on his soldering project and I caught up on various things. 
We did end up leaving the house on Sunday to pick up a few things that Colon needed for his business trip.  
We ended up checking out San Tan Village
We had a yummy lunch at Kona Grill
I also came across Charming Charlie and felt the need to stop in and check it out. 
Colon is super sweet and was encouraging me to get stuff. 

He was amazing this weekend. 
I think he felt bad for focusing on his soldering project because he kept saying things like,
"You are the best".
"I Love you!"

He is just... the love of my life.

I miss him.

At least I get the time to myself to catch up on my personal projects and my reading time.

I just have to take the trash in by myself.

Doesn't it look lonely out there?


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  1. You really notice what your loved one does for you when he ISN'T there to do it... Hope you do ok 'til he returns!


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