Thursday, May 2, 2013

happenings in my life...

 I wish I could say that I have been busy but that would be a complete lie.
 Yes, work has been taking up my time.
 BUT I have  had lots of time to myself. 

This past week and a half has been filled with stress due to work. As with any job, there are certain responsibilities, expectations and goals. The thing is that these expectations and goals have been stressing me out lately. Yes, they push you to strive for something greater. It's great to have goals. But what happens when you don't meet them? I tend to get discouraged and start to feel like a failure. I CANNOT let that happen. I give myself a pep talk every morning on my way to work.  Is this normal? Does anyone else do this?

So, yes. This week has been filled with stress. But it has not all been bad.

+ I have spent time with my love. AMAZING.

+ I have been watching Doctor Who. Love that show! Cannot get enough! 

+ Kicked ass at work for a few days. My morning pep talks actually worked!

+ Finally went out with friends for a fun night out. We dressed up. I wore heels. We danced. My feet started to hurt so bad that I had to take several breaks from dancing. My feet have blisters. Such a great night out!

+ Lunch at Rudy's. We can never resist BBQ.

+ Fun times at Ikea with the love. We FINALLY got a desk for Colon's man cave and moved his old desk into my room. My boxes are slowly diminishing in numbers. 

Is anyone else addicted to walking the halls of Ikea?

+ Colon and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. He took my to The Keg for dinner. We had yummy food and a bottle of wine. Yes. We drank the whole bottle. The restaurant surprised us with free glasses of champagne  We even splurged for some dessert. Such an amazing dinner. Most importantly, He is such an amazing man and I am so lucky to be with him.

And...this post is running long so I am going to peace out for now!

Have an amazing night everyone!


  1. Wow! Six years, congratulations.

  2. Holy cow!!! Congrats on six years - that is so awesome!!


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