Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feels so good...

Oh my. 
It feels SO good to be in Florida. 
My skin is loving it.
 My hair is relishing in the moisture. 
My body is definitely thanking me.

We woke up early on Saturday to catch our flight. Yes, we still cut it close. We missed the first shuttle that would take us from the parking lot to the terminal and we were stressing about time. The flights were long and uncomfortable. We were exhausted and sleeping on the planes were impossible. But, that would not ruin my excitement.  I was ready to be in Florida. 


This trip was planned around several graduations. Colon was graduating on the 5th and my sister will be graduating on the 9th. It's crazy how everyone is growing up so quickly. Time is flying by!

My time spent in Gainesville was amazing. I had not been back to Gainesville since I moved to Arizona. SO, I made it a point to catch up with friends (Yes... I am talking about you, Kayla and Kirsten and Diego) and eat at some of my favorite restaurants (like Bento and Steak and Shake)


I cannot even describe the pride I felt while I watched Colon walk across that stage. Sitting there with his parents and feeling the pride emanate from his parents was overwhelming. I am just... wow... so proud of the things that he has accomplished! 

We left Gainesville on Monday and have been lazy-ing it up in Miami ever since. My sister graduates tomorrow and I cannot wait for another day full of sister-pride.

I am just so happy to be in Florida!



  1. Whenever I fly home, my excitement hits me in two stages, the first is when we get our boarding passes here in Australia and have checked in our bags and it starts to feel reallllly real that we'll be getting on that plane. And the second bigger dose of excitement is when we're about to start the last leg of our journey - the three hour drive to my home town from the airport - and I'm OVER THE FLIPPING MOOn.

    In other words, I so understand what you're saying.


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