Saturday, May 25, 2013

Backwards E and R

It's the weekend! 

I have been out sick all week and it looks like it'll be another relaxing weekend spent listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks taking care of my health. The last few days have been spent daydreaming, listening to Harry Potter soundtracks, and reminiscing. 

Have you ever laughed so hard (by yourself) while thinking of all the fun times you have had? 

Well, I must have looked crazy because that is what I have been doing. 

Yesterday, I found myself laughing hysterically over something Colon and I experienced in New York a year ago. Colon and I visited Yankee Stadium and ended up walking around the area. We stumbled upon the site of the old Yankee Stadium. While walking around, Colon and I noticed a plane in the sky. We also noticed that the contrail of the plane was spelling something weird. SO, we stood and watched. But, we were rolling on the floor laughing when we realized what the person was "trying" to spell. It said "Mary Me" with the "e" and "r" backwards. It may not seem too funny, but I could NOT stop laughing. 

We probably perpetuated the giggles by coming up with scenarios like:

+ What would happen if someone actually paid for that? 

+ I wonder what the girl said.

+ I wonder what the guy (who paid for this) is thinking right now.

Man... I am laughing so hard thinking about it right now. 

Would you have thought that was funny? Or are we just weird?

Maybe we are just weird. Proof is in the fact that I have a Harry Potter Playlist on Grooveshark and am listening to it right now. 



  1. I definitely think that's funny! Although, I also feel kind of awful for the guy who paid for it!

  2. Oh, man... Spelling errors kinda ruin the romance! Hope you're feeling better :)


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