Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A quarter of a century...

I am back in Arizona and am missing Florida like crazy. My vacation was amazing. It truly was. 

In a previous post, I mentioned that our Florida vacation started in Gainesville for Colon's graduation. I am still so proud of him and thought that I would show off some of the pictures from his graduation. 

lechagar's Colons graduation album on Photobucket

Before posting this, I looked through all of the pictures from his graduation day. Seeing the campus and seeing the stadium made my heart swell with pride. Colon's graduation was amazing and I truly am proud to be a Florida Gator. 

I think my pride is comparable to my sister's school pride. She attended the University of Miami and received her master's degree on Thursday, May 9th. This is the reason why we ventured down to Miami for the rest of our vacation week.

We celebrated Colon's lovely mother on her birthday and had a night out with Colon's brothers.

On Thursday, we attended my sister's graduation. How great it was to see her walk across that stage. She is growing up and I am so proud to call her my sister.


Below, you will see pictures from that amazing day. You will notice two things. My sister is gorgeous. AND I had to wear the same dress that I wore to Colon's graduation. My other dress was too casual and was slightly wrinkled. I am quite embarrassed by this. But oh well. I had an amazing time.

lechagar's Christinas Graduation album on Photobucket

DO you see the happiness in my families faces? We were all on cloud nine. It was amazing! DO you know what else was amazing? Seeing my dad. I missed him a lot and I am seriously going to make efforts to keep in touch with him. I am HORRIBLE at keeping in touch with people. Even my family. But. This will end NOW.  I love my dad. I love my family. It will begin with me.

SO. Yes. Our trip was full of graduations, fun, and family. I had so much fun and it was hard for me to leave Florida. There were a few things that made me happy during our flight back to Arizona:

First class tickets!
Awesome seats. 

Bothering this guy with pictures
The love of my life. AND...

Thunderstorms over Texas.
This beautiful sight. 

...and that sums up my trip to Florida. Yes. I miss it terribly, but life goes on.

Plus, I have these:

Birthday Cake Oreos

to cheer me up. I will definitely need it since I am turning 25 today!

Happy Birthday to me!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope your day is absolutely fabulous!!

    So bummed that I can't view the albums (for some reason it's saying there aren't any photos), but it sounds like you guys had an amazing trip! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! you made me crave for oreos right now

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